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  • 22 of February of 2018Audit Requests to the TSAFC Audit Chamber
    Presidency of the Council of Ministers
    Seventh Constitutional Government
    Dili, 21st  February  2018
    Press Release
    Audit Requests to the TSAFC Audit Chamber
    This Monday, February 20th 2018, the Prime Minister, Marí Alkatiri, made a formal request for an audit of all financial management operations and accounts of the Treasury, Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications, NDA (National Development Agency), the Infrastructure Fund and the Ministry of Tourism, covering the period between 9th August 2012 and 14th September 2017, which corresponds to the previous legislature.
    This request follows the previous request sent on the 6th of February, to carry out a second audit to all financial management operations and accounts of the Special Administrative Region of Oé-Cusse Ambeno (SAROA), covering the period between 2016 and the present.
    In the letters addressed to the President of the Court of Appeal and the Administrative, Fiscal and Accounting High Court, Judge Deolindo dos Santos, the Prime Minister justified the audit requests by stating that "the country's management must be guided, at all times, by principles of rigor, transparency and accountability. Without exceptions. It is therefore necessary to ensure transparency in the Public Administration, promoting a culture of rigor and accountability in the management of the State's financial resources. " ENDS
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    15 of February of 2018Day-Off on February 16, 2018
    Day-Off on February 16, 2018
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    12 of February of 2018Day-Off on February 14, 2018
    Day Off on the 14th February 2018
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    07 of February of 2018Council of Ministers Meeting of 7th February 2018
    1 – Proposta de alteração do Acordo de Desenvolvimento Bilateral entre o Governo de Timor-Leste e a USAID
    2 – Proposta de Decreto-Lei que cria o Instituto para a Qualidade de Timor-Leste

    1 – Proposta de suspensão temporária da vigência do Decreto-Lei n.º9/2010, de 21 de Julho, que regula a Assistência Médica no Estrangeiro
    2 – Proposta de alteração ao Decreto do Governo n.º1/2018, de 12 de janeiro, sobre a execução orçamental em regime duodecimal
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    25 of January of 2018Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of January 25th, 2018
    1 – Decree Law that establishes the Organic Statue of the National Liberation Combatants
    2 – Appointment Resolution about the RTTL President
    3 – Amendment of the Decree Law n3-2015, 14th January, and the Decree Law n 4~’2015 of 14th January that approve the Pre-School Education and the First and Second Cycle of Basic Education Curricula
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    18 of January of 2018Council of Ministers Meeting of 17th January 2018
    1 – Government Decree on the Regulation of Private Investment Procedures;
    2 – Government Resolution on Specific Rules Licensing of Mining Activities;
    3 – Supplementary allowances and/or overtime to the staff of the Ministry of Planning and Finance;
    4 – Request of ADB to sign a Letter of Guarantee
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