National Working Committee approves minimum wage for the private sector

Mon. 28 of May of 2012, 11:13h

The National Working Committee (NWC), headed by the Secretary of State for Professional Training and Employment Policy, Bendito de Freitas, presented last May 24th, at that Secretariat’s Meeting Room, the national minimum wage for the private sector. In that ceremony, were also present businessmen and workers.

According to the law, and after the research’s results, presented by the Council for the Minimum Wage, in December 12th, 2011, this Commission decided to establish it at $115 USD for the private sector, the same as for the Public Service.

This decision from the NWC will enter into force on the following day after the entry into force of the Labour Code n. 4/2012, of February 21st, and will be reviewed two years after its entry into force.