Government visits drinking water production company

Mon. 28 of January of 2013, 15:41h

On 24 January 2013 the Secretary of State for Industry and Cooperatives, Filipus “Nino” Pereira, paid a visit to Agua Ti Water company located at Fomento, Dili. The objective of the visit was to see in loco the drinking water production process.

Filipus “Nino” Pereira stated that “the Government, through the Secretariat of State for Industry and Cooperatives, plays an important role in the support and development of groups of industries and cooperatives already existing in the country with a view to enhancing production quality and thereby attract consumers. Lately Timor-Leste has been reducing the import of drinking water from abroad given the fact that the equipment involved in the production process of Agua Ti Water is in compliance with international standards. The company is therefore highly respected internationally. It possesses a production licence issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment”.

The Secretary of State called upon the company to always take into account the need to protect the environment by planting trees which, in addition to protecting the environment, also protects the quality of drinking water.