MSS evaluates the work of the Manufahi Regional Centre

Tue. 11 of Outubro of 2011, 14:44h

On October 7, the Minister of Social Solidarity, Maria Domingas Fernandes Alves, made an assessment of the work done by the officials of the Manufahi Regional Centre, which also covers the Ainaro district.

This evaluation aimed to observe the basic social services in these two districts during the last four years and also to evaluate the work in order to improve the system of care in the future.

The Head of Department of the Manufahi Regional Centre, Jaime Agostinho Hanjam, reinforced the fact that this was a visit to observe and evaluate the basic social services carried out by the district officials of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Heads of Department in the Manufahi and Ainaro districts, which required the maximum collaboration and coordination of national leaders as these two districts include eight sub-districts.

Filomeno Tilman, Manufahi district Administrator, said that "the establishment of the Manufahi Regional Centre helps to minimize the difficulties, compared to the previous situation". The manager showed his delight with this program which supports the primary assistance to address the problems of the elderly, disabled and victims of natural disasters.

Eduardo da Silva, Head of Computer Training Department and the user of the Center, took the opportunity to mention that this is a program that benefits the most vulnerable, especially the elderly and people with disabilities.