The Aileu District Administrator speaks about the NSDP

Tue. 18 of May of 2010, 14:49h

In the opinion of the Aileu district Administrator, Martinho Matos, the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) offers opportunities to the Administrators of each district if they draft their Strategic Plan at a district level.

The Administrator of that locality considered that the NSDP, still in socialization phase, constitutes the start for the draft of the national development plan, since it passes through consulting the communities at the base. He added that the NSDP will also serve as a means capable of corresponding to the realities felt in the ground. The districts must start drafting their Plans but within the limits already defined by the NSDP, and thus settle the basis for development in the districts.

The NSDP can also stimulate opinions related to the needs that, in the future, may come up under short, medium and long term implementation, with the execution carried out by phases, maintaining consultations with the community on the question of priority between priorities, such as water, roads and others. When considered as priorities, the whole of the National Development Plan cannot be completed within one year, since the considerations related to the needs of the population are varied.

The Administrator went further emphasizing that “the National Development Plan is an opportunity that, besides facilitating the Administrators to draft their plans, will also make the welcoming of decentralization possible, since the year 2011 marks the beginning of the budget distribution from the districts to the sub-districts and down to the sucos, and in this way create working conditions for the community.”

The Administrator defended that, for the fact that the State does not have other funds besides the domestic funds from taxes (and these are insufficient), it should be possible to withdraw more than 3% from the Petroleum Fund, although it would still be insufficient. In the end, he still referred that the budget money requires a decentralization system so it can better answer to the People needs.