Meeting of the Council of Ministers on July 10th, 2024

Presidency of the Council of Ministers

Spokesperson of the Government of Timor-Leste
Ninth Constitutional Government


Press Release

Meeting of the Council of Ministers on July 10th, 2024

The Council of Ministers met at the Government Palace in Dili and approved the draft Government Decrees presented by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Filipus Nino Pereira, to regulate licence and inspection procedures and approve model forms and templates for commercial and industrial licensing.

The legislation applies to establishments whose companies carry out industrial or commercial activities classified as medium or high risk and operate on national territory. It establishes the procedures, forms, and templates required to license these activities.

The main objective is to ensure that the opening, alteration, or renovation of commercial or industrial establishments is preceded by a rigorous inspection, which ensures adequate operating conditions, safety, hygiene and public health. The legislation also provides for an inspection report to be drawn up describing the general conditions of the premises, identifying observations and recommendations.


The Council of Ministers also approved the draft Government Resolution, presented by the Minister of the Interior, Francisco da Costa Guterres, for the appointment of Jesuíno dos Reis Matos Carvalho to become President of the Civil Protection Authority for a three-year term due to his recognised training, knowledge, technical capacity and experience for the position.


The Council of Ministers attended the presentation of the report on the visit to Rwanda in the framework of the g7+, led by the Minister of the Interior, Francisco da Costa Guterres, and the representatives of the g7+ and the inter-ministerial team that took part in the mission.

The purpose of the visit was to witness Rwanda's significant social recovery since the 1994 genocide. Today, Rwanda has a development model considered exemplary for developing countries. It stands out for its progress in infrastructure, investments in technology, strengthening of law and order, attraction of investors, and development of the tourism sector.

The mission's main objective was to exchange experiences and lessons learnt between Rwanda and Timor-Leste, allowing the members of the Timorese delegation to closely observe the successful practices implemented in Rwanda. Another important objective was establishing contacts with the Rwandan Government, with a view to future collaboration between the two countries.

The 16-member Timorese delegation, led by the Vice-Minister of State Administration, Jacinto Rigoberto Gomes de Deus, included representatives from various relevant ministries and was accompanied by a g7+ team that facilitated the mission. The visit, which took place from May 12th to 17th, 2024, provided valuable lessons and perspectives for Timor-Leste's development.


The Minister of Finance, Santina José Rodrigues F. Viegas Cardoso, gave a detailed presentation to the Council of Ministers on the state of execution of the 2024 General State Budget. 


Lastly, the Council of Ministers approved the draft Government Resolution on the prevention of offences related to the practice of martial arts.

This Government Resolution aims to consolidate the social peace achieved through the temporary suspension of martial arts and, in a controlled manner, allow their return. The aim is to ensure that the practice of martial arts forms part of the healthy exercise of sporting activity and contributes to young people's education and civic training.

The measures established by this Government Resolution include instructing the Minister of Interior to reinforce policing in border areas, preventing members of martial arts groups from participating in ritual ceremonies in Indonesia, refusing entry into national territory to foreign citizens who pose a threat to public health, order and safety, coordinating the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior with criminal police bodies to reinforce investigation teams into illegal activities related to martial arts, and reinforcing that disobeying legitimate orders constitutes a criminal offence, as provided for in the Penal Code. END