Supply Base of Suai obtains Environmental Impact License

Mon. 15 of July of 2013, 16:45h

After previous consultation with the Commission of Assessment of Environmental Impact, the Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Alfredo Pires, received, on July 12th, from the Secretary of State for the Environment, Nominando Soares Martins, the Environmental Impact License of a land with 1.105 acres, which will be used for Suai’s Supply Base, in the sub district of Suai vila, Covalima’s district.

The License was issued under the Decree-Law n. 5/2011, of February 9th, on Environmental Licensing, and it represents a step towards the future, where the execution of Major Projects is expected, including the Supply Base and the airport. Besides, it guaranties benefits to Timor-Leste’s economic environment, namely on the areas of industry and agriculture on the South Coast.

The Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Alfredo Pires, reminded that “the process of obtaining the license took about two years, and its intention is to protect our environment and guarantee the trust of international companies”.