Timor-Leste and Guinea-Bissau strengthen their Cooperation ties in the Defense Area

Wed. 24 of August of 2011, 19:36h

On August 23, the Government of Timor-Leste met with the Ministry of Defense delegation from Guinea-Bissau, at the Government Palace, to strengthen the future cooperation in the defense area.

The Secretary of State for Defense, Júlio Tomás Pinto said that "the delegation of the Guinea-Bissau Minister of Defense met with the Timor-Leste Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Security to discuss how to establish a cooperation between the two countries in the area of Defense and Security, in the future. "

Júlio Tomás Pinto added that "today's meeting allows Timor-Leste to share its experiences, especially regarding Defense and Security, since Guinea-Bissau has established a team for this purpose within its country ".

The Guinea-Bissau Minister of Defense also presented his proposal to Timor-Leste to have a thorough discussion on the technical part, before signing the agreement on cooperation in the defense area.

"At this meeting, our Prime Minister, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, as a veteran and on behalf of Timor-Leste, suggested to the Guinea-Bissau Minister of Defense to put an end on violence and initiate reform in the Defense and Security for the development of Guinea-Bissau, "said the Secretary of State.