Presentation of the “Uma Lulik” (Sacred House) Documentary

The Ministry of Education, through the Secretariat of State of Culture and the DOCTV Program National Pole of the Portuguese Speaking Countries Community (Portuguese acronym (CPLP), will present on the 18th of October, at 6.30 p.m., in Hotel Timor, the movie Uma Lulik (Sacred House).

This is the first documentary, for television, from a Timorese author and director, Víctor de Sousa.

Uma Lulik, was presented on the 15th of September, in Lisbon, during the 1st CPLP DOCTV Program, a show of documentaries from the CPLP Countries, and it’s the result of the experience that Víctor de Sousa lived and registered throughout 9 months and that carry us to the universe of his ancestors and to the timorese collective memory.