The Government Grants Licences for Prospecting and Research of Metallic Minerals in Lautém

Tue. 02 of April of 2024, 12:09h

On March 26th 2024, the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, accompanied by Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, announced the granting of prospecting and research licences for metallic minerals to Estrella Resources and Peak Everest Mining, Lda, to conduct research in the Municipality of Lautém.


Mélio de Jesus, President of the Lautém Municipal Authority, expressed confidence that the authorised companies will conduct their activities successfully. He pledged to involve the local community and use local materials in the industry, thus promoting the region's sustainable development.


The President of the National Minerals Authority (ANM), IP Rafael Danilson Magno, considered the event a historic milestone. He explained that the authorised companies will carry out research and prospecting activities for four years, conducting geological, geophysical, and laboratory analyses to better understand the region’s mineral resources.


The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Francisco da Costa Monteiro, expressed gratitude to ANM, I.P. and satisfaction with the private sector’s growing interest in investing in Timor-Leste. He encouraged all entities in the municipality to contribute to the success of prospecting and research activities for metallic minerals by monitoring and promoting cultural activities that facilitate research efforts.


For Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, this launch represents the start of a new era of investment in metallic minerals, which can significantly benefit the national economy. 434322929_267185253115836_142704920802372721_n

The Head of Government also emphasised that this research and prospecting could identify valuable mineral resources to boost the country’s development.

Xanana Gusmão emphasised the potential of limestone for cement production, which will reduce dependence on imports. He also expressed his confidence that once the research phase is concluded, the Government will issue licences for exploration, which will contribute to Timor-Leste’s economic growth and sustainable development.

This process of identifying mineral resources began in 2018, following the legislation of the mining code, which culminated in the tender for the search for metallic minerals in 2023, where the companies Estrella Resources and Peak Everest Mining, Lda were selected after a careful selection process.

Estrella Resources will be responsible for exploring manganese, copper, silver, and gold in three concession areas located in the Hamlets (Aldeia) of Serelau, Baduru, Maina I, Maina II, and Daudere. The Timorese company Peak Everest Mining will conduct manganese surveys in the Hamlets (Aldeia) of Eukissi, Daudere, Afabubu, and Wairoke.