2022 General State Budget approved in the National Parliament

Thu. 16 of December of 2021, 19:47h

On December 16th, 2021, the 2022 General State Budget (GSB), with a total amount of $1.95 billion, was approved in the National Parliament with 44 votes in favour, 21 votes against and no abstentions.

The 8th Constitutional Government defined six national priorities for the 2022 General State Budget: 1) human capital development (education, professional training and health); 2) housing and social inclusion; 3) productive sectors (agriculture and tourism), environment and connectivity; 4) private sector development; 5) rural development; and 6) good governance.

Of the various measures included in next year's budget, we highlight the food subsidy for civil servants, the Emergency Response Fund to deal with natural disasters, the Investment Fund to establish the new Municipality of Ataúro, the Bolsa da Mãe - new generation programme, the holding of the 2022 Presidential Elections, the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises and the acquisition of vehicles and equipment for the Fire Brigade to respond to natural disasters.