Minister of the Presidency of the Council Ministers meets with the Ambassador of United States of America

Tue. 10 of November of 2020, 10:35h

The Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Fidelis Manuel Leite Magalhães, met, on November 6th and 10th, 2020, with the Ambassador of the United States of America (USA) in Timor-Leste, Mrs. Kathleen Fitzpatrick and with the US Ambassador Deputy, Elias Parra.

During the meetings, the Diplomat, who ends her mission in Timor-Leste this month, thanked the Minister for all the support to the American cooperation projects, during the last years, namely in the development of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact program, and expressed her pride at the results achieved during her mission in Timor-Leste.

The Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers also expressed the Government's appreciation for the United States of America’s support to Timor-Leste over time, having highlighted the partnership in the program with the MCC, led by him, previously as Minister of the Legislative Reform and Parliamentary Affairs and now as Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The program aims to improve the citizens’ living conditions, with the eradication of malnutrition and rickets, by, among other measures, the construction of basic sanitation infrastructures, infrastructures for widespread access to drinking water, the adoption of specific nutrition programs and the access to quality public health services improvement, which the MCC Compact program will develop. The program also intends to raise the quality of national human resources, with vocational training actions.

Another issue discussed refers to foreign investment, in which the Government is working to improve the business environment, in order to create conditions for Timor-Leste to attract more investment and promote job creation.

In the meeting were also addressed the various ongoing US cooperation programs in Timor-Leste, the US support in the fight against COVID-19 and other pending bilateral issues.

The Minister and the Ambassador of the United States of America also expressed their confidence that the cooperation between the two countries will continue to be strong.