Government will submit new General State Budget proposal for 2020

Wed. 04 of December of 2019, 11:53h

Taking into consideration the crucial need for a General State Budget (OGE) for the nation and the concerns raised by the Members of the National Parliament, as set out in the reports presented, the Government has decided to withdraw and submit a new version of the OGE proposal for 2020.

The proposal will be revised, and the new version will be sent to the National Parliament on December 13. The decision was announced after the second day of general discussion of the budget.

Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak promised to "adjust the text to accommodate the concerns of the distinguished MPs and present it again for discussion”. Taur Matan Ruak thanked "the patience and dedication of all Members who helped and gave their contribution to the approval of the OGE for 2020".

Members of the Government met on the morning of December 4 at the Government Palace to articulate the new OGE proposal to be sent to the National Parliament.

A working team has been set up for the review of the OGE, led by the Minister of State of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Agio Pereira, who will begin all necessary work to prepare the new proposal, taking into account the recommendations of the National Parliament.