THE LAUNCH OF THE PROGRAM "GOVERNMENT IN THE MIDDLE OF SOCIETY" "Naroman ba Suku" (Rotutu, Same, Manufahi, 20 July 2019)

From 10 Jul until 20 Jul


Day 10 - July 18

• Opening of Local Fair.
• Sertame Activity, Poetry, and the National Song
These activities are the responsibility of the Municipal Organizing Committee

Day 18 - July 19

• 08h00 - 18h00: Visit to potential sites, such as Culture, historical site, agriculture and tourism potential (the participants come from Nacional and Municipal)
• 19h00 - Finish: projection of inspirational films, documentaries on programs and priorities and some progress achieved during the one year period of the VIII Constitutional Government, resistance film and entertainment films (interfering with dissemination activities). The partisipantes are the local authorities of the Suku Rotutu and the neighboring communities and suku, the invited ones of the Municipalities and national ones;

20th of July

• 3:00 pm - Arrival of the participants at the ceremony site (Sede suku Rotuto Headquarters),
• 3:30 pm - Launching of the Government Program in the midst of the Society "Naroman ba Suku";
• 15:45 - Report of Chief of the suku Rotutu on the service of the Organizing Committee of Juice and the general situation of suku Rotutu;
• 4:00 pm - Intervention of the Administrator of the Municipality of Manufahi
• 16H15 - Intervention of the Administrator of the Municipality of Aileu;
• 4.30 pm - Statement by S.E. The Secretary of State for Social Communication
• 16H30 - Dialogue session (question of Local Authority, Administrative Authority and community with the response of the members of the Government present)
• 19H30 - Community Dinner;
20H30 - Projection of the film on the profile of Suku (Suku Rotutu and Suku Leu-Ai Aileu)
21H30 - Music repair (National artists, places and traditional music)