Message from the Prime Minister in honour of the Timorese Youth

Fri. 10 of November of 2017, 17:54h

On the occasion of the 12th November - National Youth Day - the Prime Minister, Marí Alkatiri, pays homage to the Timorese youth through a message published in the national media:

"12th November represents an unforgettable milestone in our country's historic journey and a tremendous sacrifice made by the Timorese youngsters, Loriku Asuwain. It is them, above all, that the Seventh Constitutional Government wants to honour and recognize. It is to this day that Timor-Leste owes these youngsters our peace, national unity and stability", stated the Prime Minister in his message.

November 12th was designated National Youth Day in honour of the courage and determination of hundreds of youngsters who participated in the Mass at Motael church, in Díli, in 1991 and then marched to the Santa Cruz cemetery to pay homage to their colleague Sebastião Gomes, murdered weeks before. According to the 12th November Committee, more than 2,000 people participated in the demonstration, 74 were identified as having died in the massacre and 127 died after the massacre.

The Santa Cruz massacre was a turning point in Timor-Leste's struggle for self-determination.