Information Sessions on the Social Security Contributory Scheme

From 29 May until 23 Jun

Date: 29th May – 23rd June

Information sessions are being conducted until the 23rd of June to explain how the new Social Security Contributory Scheme works and the implications for workers, entrepreneurs and the public sector. These sessions are being carried with all sovereign bodies and public services including bodies responsible for direct and indirect administration of the State, autonomous services and funds and public enterprises, as well as with parts of the private sector.

The President of the Republic promulgated the Law that establishes the scheme, on the 9th November 2016. A major awareness activity was initiated in May 2017 at the Ministry for Social Solidarity (MSS), convened by the Civil Service Commission. Human Resource teams from all Ministries participated in this activity, as well as personnel from the Courts and Public Prosecutor, along with some of the staff from autonomous services and funds. Another major awareness activity is planned for the National Parliament.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity teams responsible for Social Security will also visit all Municipalities and the Special Administrative Region of Oe-cusse Ambeno where information sessions will be conducted with local entrepreneurs and Non-Government Organizations as requested.