SECOMS and the NGO BELUN discuss the Law on Electronic TransactionsThe Secretary of State for Social Communication, Merício Juvenal dos Reis "Akara" held a meeting with the Director of the NGO BELUN, Luis Ximenes, to discuss the Law on electronic transactions that will also legislate cyber crime and to regulate who uses false identity, and performs crimes on social networks.

SECOMS will also soon meet with the PCIC (Scientific Criminal Investigation Police), with telecommunications companies such as Telkomsel, Timor Telecom and Telemor, with the Association of Journalists and with NGOs to jointly think about how best to drafting of the law in order to regulate the use of social media with ethics, said Merício Akara at the end of the meeting with the Director of the NGO BELUN, in the Government Palace, Tuesday, September 11, 2018.