Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry appeals to the non-manipulation of the price of basic products

Wed. 27 of Outubro of 2010, 15:13h
MTCI_Sector Privado_PORTAL

The Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry, Gil da Costa Alves, requested to all businessmen throughout the country, not to sacrifice the people with basic product price manipulation launched into the market.

Gil Alves underlined that businessmen should be directed by fair business, contributing, in this way, for Timor-Leste’s development.
He also added that, in what concerns the country‘s economic development, businessmen are important authors. So, it is necessary that businessmen follow Government regulations, exercising a strong and fundamental role in the commercial activities.

In the occasion of the opening ceremony of the seminar “Reinforce the Private Sector for the benefit of Timor-Leste’s Development and Economy”, that was carried out on the 19th of October, in the Old Lama Market, the Minister referred that “To sell basic products to consumers, businessmen should take into account what the Government asks, to be fair and to avoid the sacrifice on the consumers’ side”.

The Minister still referred that the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Industry decided to maintain the services of commercial activity control, through the General-Inspection for Food Security and Economy, with the intention of avoiding that businessmen explore the consumers. He made it known that, according to the law, “the Government will opt for intolerance facing businessmen that don’t have a business licence” and added that “the Government regulations are not intended to explore the businessmen but to establish prices, according to a standard, defending consumers”.