Successful Conference on Maritime Boundaries and the Law of the Sea

Thu. 19 of May of 2016, 22:17h

The Dili International Conference: Maritime Boundaries and the Law of the Sea was held at the Dili Convention Centre on Thursday the 19th of May. The Maritime Boundary Office hosted the event which brought experts from around the world to discuss the role of international law, arbitration and conciliation in the area of maritime boundaries.

The Conference opened with the Convention Centre holding a capacity crowd including members of Government, members of Parliament, Diplomats, NGOs, Civil Society representatives, veterans and students.

ConferenciaInternacionalFronteirasMaritimasDireitoMar_3_PGThe Prime Ministers opening remarks, a keynote speech by Judge Vladimir Golistyn President of the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea and two panel discussions were features of the day.

What became evident towards the close of the event was that there were still many questions for the participants, without the time to answer them. Plans are being made to create events in the near future that will help to promote understanding of how international law relates to the important issue of Timor-Leste’s sovereignty over its land and seas.

The CEO of the Maritime Boundary Office, Elizabeth Exposto, closed the meeting thanking all the speakers for their presentations and the participants for their interest and enthusiasm.