III Constitutional Government


Sworn into office on May 18th, 2007

Estanislau A. da Silva

Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
Estanislau A. da Silva

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Health
Rui Maria Araújo

Minister of State Administration
Ana Pessoa

Minister of Planning and Finance
Maria Madalena Brites Boavida

Minister of Interior
Alcino Barris

Minister of Justice
Domingos Sarmento

Minister in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Antoninho Bianco

Minister of Education and Culture
Rosária Corte-Real

Minister of Labour and Community Reinsertion
Arsénio Paixão Bano

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Francisco Benevides

Minister of Development
Arcanjo da Silva

Minister of Public Works
Odete Vítor da Costa

Minister of Transport and Communications
Inácio Moreira

Minister of Natural and Mineral Resources, and Energy Policy
José Teixeira

Vice-Minister of State Administration
Valentim Ximenes

Vice-Minister of State Administration
Filomeno Aleixo

Vice-Minister of Planning and Finance
Aicha Bassarewa

Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Adaljiza Magno

Vice-Minister of Interior
José A. Sequeira

Vice-Minister for Technical and Higher Education
Víctor da C. Soares

Vice-Minister for Primary and Secondary Education
Ilda da Conceição

Vice-Minister of Health
Luís Lobato

Vice-Minister of Development
António Cepeda

Vice-Minister of Public Works
Raúl Mousaco

Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers
Gregório de Sousa

Secretary of State for Veterans and Former Combatants
David Ximenes

Secretary of State for Youth and Sports
José M. Fernandes

Secretary of State for Environmental Coordination, Territorial Ordering and Physical Development
João Alves

Secretary of State for the Coordination of Region I (Lautem, Viqueque and Baucau)
José Reis

Secretary of State for the Coordination of Region II (Manatuto, Manufahi e Ainaro)
Adriano Corte-Real

Secretary of State for the Coordination of Region III (Dili, Aileu and Ermera)
Carlos da C. de Deus

Secretary of State for the Coordination of Region IV (Liquiça, Bobonaro and Cova-Lima)
Lino Torrezão