Book Fair UNTL

From 12 Jul until 16 Jul

The Cultural Programme of the Book Fair of National University Timor-Leste (UNTL) runs in parallel with other activities of the 2nd Civil Society Forum of CPLP (see agenda of the 2nd Forum of Civil Society of CPLP). This event is promoted by UNTL and Institute of the Portuguese Language.

Location: UNTL (main lobby and Lusophone Room [in Portuguese: Sala Lusofonia])
Day: July 12th
05h00 p.m.: Official opening of the Book Fair and the Lusophone Room

Day: July 13th
10h00 a.m.-12h30 p.m.: (Participation of the students from the Portuguese School)
Introduction "What is CPLP";
Decoration of the Lusophone room - paint a mural with the flags of the member countries of CPLP;
Presentation of Lusophone authors of short stories and activities around the stories;
12h30 p.m.: Projection of documentaries Wawata Topu (Timor-Leste) and Bissau D'Isabel (Guinea-Bissau)
02h00 p.m.-04h00 p.m.: Animation Short Film: The Suspition - Showing followed by activity in order to solve the puzzle of the film
04h00 p.m.-06h00 p.m.: Reading Contest

Day: July 14th
10h00 a.m.-12h30 p.m.: Screening of the documentary Extraordinary Garbage (in Portuguese: “Lixo Extraordinário”) and debate under the theme "Ecology and Conservation of the Environment";
Play the Portuguese Language - recreational games in Portuguese: "Quiz of the Portuguese Language", "Super Genius" and "Scrabble"
00h30 p.m.: Documentary Projection “Origin of the Portuguese Language” (Brazil) (in Portuguese: “Origem da Língua Portuguesa”) and “Monga ki Ôbo” (Sao Tome and Principe)
02h00 p.m.-03h30 p.m.: Presentations on CPLP countries, by UNTL students;
Activity: Lusophone writers - projection of images of Portuguese-speaking writers and identification of these from written descriptions
03h30 p.m.-05h00 p.m.: Activity: Play the Portuguese Language - Hidden History;
Activity: Play the Portuguese - Homonyms
05h00 p.m.-06h00 p.m.: REalfabetika - video-poems from Mito Elias

Day: July 15th
10h00 a.m.-12h30 p.m.: Music Activity in Portuguese: Karaoke
12h30 a.m.: A documentary projection “Sacred House” (in Tetum: “Uma Lulik”) (Timor-Leste)
02h00 p.m.-03h30 p.m.: Presentation of videos from the schools CAFE Dili Externato S. José and Portuguese School Ruy Cinatti, followed by a discussion with students about "The teaching of Portuguese - strategies and challenges"
03h30 p.m.-05h00 p.m.: Presentations on CPLP countries, by UNTL students

Day: July 16th
10h00 a.m.-12h30 p.m.: Activity: Play the Portuguese Language - Onomatopoeia; Presentation of the story "A Carochinha" - reading, dramatization, adaptation of the story
00h30 p.m.: Projection of the movie “Francisco’s 2 sons” (in portuguese: “2 Filhos de Francisco”) (Brazil)
02h00 p.m.-03h30 p.m.: Music Activity: Workshop of traditional dances of CPLP countries
03h30 p.m.-05h00 p.m.: "Travels through the Portuguese language" - creative writing through image and sound
Location: Fundação Oriente
05h00 p.m.-06h30 p.m.: Presentation by Dr. Gil Alves, "The economic potential of CPLP"