We the Timorese are a sovereign people and Timor-Leste belongs to the world of free-nations.

Nevertheless Our Freedom costs us close to one-third of our population and this is a legacy we shall never forget.

It is within this historical and political context that the VI Constitutional Government emerged; out of exceptional circumstances under a pragmatic approach where the political-will, experience, talent and qualifications of individuals converged and emerged above any political and ideological ambition so that we could find solutions for the challenges our Nation-State is currently facing.

The leaders of this nation made a selfless decision to put the interests of the People above all else and this is the reason why the VI Constitutional Government is a Government of Unity.

Our elders, the mothers-and-fathers of the Nation, have bestowed on us, the younger generation of leaders, the tremendous task of moving the nation forward democratically, through reconciliation and solidarity, with respect to pluralism and tolerance and by always focusing on finding solutions through dialogue.

This government has taken the helm at a time when Timor-Leste is stable, secure and we live in peace in a period of economic growth; and it is our intention to build on these great achievements.

The Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030, on which the V Constitutional Government based its programs, also guides this new government; nevertheless we will deliver our Program more efficiently, more effectively and by being more accountable to those we serve, that is, the Timorese People.

The process of transformation of Timor-Leste into a mid-high level income nation by 2030 will require everyone’s participation and it is our right and our duty to take part responsibly in the construction of our State and of our Nation.

We are a government of open and frank dialogue; therefore we welcome constructive criticism so that we can attain more positive results for the People. The structure of this government is younger, more functional, more efficient and forward-looking and thinking.

We want to construct a society that is inclusive and tolerant and that works together towards achieving the national interest. Together we will do it better and this is the spirit that drives our society, the collective spirit that set us free from oppression, colonialism and occupation.

Every single citizen will be called upon to assist in the delivery of the national cause. We require everyone’s participation. It is the highest duty of every Timorese citizen to love the nation, respect his and her fellow citizens and work alongside one another; and it is the highest duty of the Government to continue to develop our People so that our Nation is strong.

I therefore Welcome you here to the Portal do Governo / The Government’s Portal were we engage you and with you so that together we can give a better future to our children of tomorrow.


Um Por Todos e Todos Por Um! / One for All and All for One!


H.E. Dr. Rui Maria de Araújo

Prime Minister of Timor-Leste