RTTL, E.P., and LPP RRI sign Agreement for joint broadcasting

Fri. 10 of May of 2013, 17:03h

On Tuesday 7 May, 2013 in Dili, Radio and Television of Timor-Leste, a public company (RTTL, E.P.) and the Radio of the Republic of Indonesia (Lembaga Penyiaran Publik Radiu Republik Undonesia, LPP RRR), signed an Agreement with the objective of jointly transmitting information between the two countries.

“The importance of this Agreement lies on the joint broadcasting of news, information on cultural acts, entertainments, tourism, sports, economics and many other items. It is a positive Agreement for our populations residing in the border between Indonesia and Timor-Leste, such as Atambua and Kupang, who will benefit from broadcasts by RTT, E.P. The population living in this side of the border will also have the same benefits, for they will benefit from broadcasts by RRI from Atambua and Kupang”, the Chairperson of the RTTL, E.P.’s Board of Administration, Expedito Dias Ximenes.

In accordance with Rosalita Niken Widiastuti, Director of Radio and Television of the Republic of Indonesia (LPP RRI), “this broadcast between RTTL, E.P. and LPP RRI allows it to make available more objective and credible information to the population. This agreement also provides for a training programme to be imparted by RRI to the staff of RTTL in several areas, in addition to strengthening the ties between the two countries through the presence of RRI in this country”.

The Secretary of State for the Media, Nélio Isaac Armento, underscored the fact that “in a developed nation, the media constitutes an instrument that strengthens the politics and the economy of the country. The objective of the agreement signed today is to make available information to the population living along the border of the two countries”.

The Ambassador ad interim of Indonesia in Timor-Leste, Mahendra, stressed the importance of this agreement, which reflects the commitment of the two Governments in working together in different sectors.

The event counted with the presence of the Secretary of State for the Media, Nélio Isaac Sarmento, the Ambassador ad interim of Indonesia in Timor-Leste, Mahendra, the President of the Board of Administration of RTTL, E.P., Expedito Dias Ximenes, and his staff, the Director of LPP RRI, Rosalita Niken Widiastuti, and the regional head of RRI for Kupang and Atambua.