Government Opening of the Maliana Power Substation

Mon. 16 of July of 2012, 15:29h

On July 4, 2012, the Maliana power substation that provides electricity to the community of Maliana-Bobonaro sub-district was officially activated by the Secretary of State for Electricity, Water and Urbanization.

The Secretary of State, Januário Pereira, said that "by opening the Maliana power substation, which completes the electrical coverage of the south cost, we complete nine substations as planned, missing only the substation of Suai in Covalima, and the substation of Kassa, in Ainaro.” He stressed also the importance of this basic infrastructure, "fundamental to our community, as it creates the ability to create industries such as carpentry, agro-industries, and others."

The Administrator of Bobonaro District, Domingos Martins, expressed satisfaction with the fact that his District will now have energy 24 hours a day, and for the quality of the construction of the electrical substation in Maliana.