Timor-Leste Firefighters Celebrate their 12th Anniversary

Thu. 26 of April of 2012, 17:19h
aniversario bombeiros_abril 2012

On April 23, 2012 Timor-Leste Firefighters celebrated their twelfth birthday under the motto "Ready to Serve", in the National Directorate of Civil Protection in Caicoli, Díli,

The National Director of Civil Protection, Domingos Pinto, said: "the Celebration of the twelfth anniversary of the Timor-Leste Firefighters proves that the institution existed before the Restoration of Independence. Firefighters have a responsibility to exercise civil protection operations, including responding to emergencies and disasters".

Domingos Pinto recalled the work that has been developed in recent years by the institution, noting: "the creation of corporations in seven districts. Six districts still don’t have corporations. In February we gave training to 23 new recruits to establish the fire department in the district of Covalima. The training is finished and now they received a certificate for Professional Firefighters".

The National Director of Civil Protection finished his speech by congratulating the entire Fire Department for their anniversary, and launched the appeal: "We hope that with the anniversary this year you can work better to serve our People and our Country, Timor-Leste, according to the motto 'Ready to Serve".

The Secretary of State for Security was also present at the ceremony and congratulated the institution as well. Highlighting its importance for the country, he stated: "Firefighters are developed in accordance with a plan and needs. This means that when the development intensifies, the work of firefighters increases. On behalf of the IV Constitutional Government, I commend your work, which is done with ease despite the lack of desirable conditions", said Francisco Guterres.

After the speeches, certificates were delivered to 23 new elements of the Fire Department, who will work in the District of Covalima.

At the end of the ceremony, the Secretary of State for Security visited the facilities of the National Directorate of Civil Protection, accompanied by Secretary of State for Defence, the President of the Public Service Commission, and the Ambassador of Cuba.