Six sucos in the Ainaro district received Solar Panels

Tue. 08 of March of 2011, 15:13h
SEPE_Painel Solar Suco_PORTAL

Last week the Secretary of State for Energy Policy, Avelino Coelho, signed an agreement with six Chiefs of Suco from the Ainaro district with the purpose is to implement the solar panel policy.

“The solar panel energy is a new and good thing considering that before the population had no access to energy. These six sucos fulfilled the criteria such as: isolation and making part of the rural electrification plan”, said Avelino Coelho.

Eduardo G. da Silva, the Foho Ailiku Chief of Suco, mentioned that “before our suco had no electricity, but with this agreement my people is now able to access it and be happy. Even if it’s a rural suco with no access to public transportation they now can have electricity.”

The sucos that signed this agreement were: suco Foho Ailiku, Amnetu, Edy, Manlobas, Aili and suco Liurai.