"Ha'u Nia Tasi, Ha'u Nia Timor", a national commitment to the sea and sustainability

Thu. 23 of November of 2023, 10:39h

The Vice Prime Minister, Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs and Minister of Tourism and Environment, Francisco Kalbuadi Lay, officially launched the National Programme "Ha'u Nia Tasi, Ha'u Nia Timor" (My Sea, My Timor) at a ceremony held on  November 20th, 2023 at the B. J. Habibie Garden in Dili.

The National Programme "Ha'u Nia Tasi, Ha'u Nia Timor" aims to foster collective awareness of the importance of marine biodiversity. By focusing on preserving and cleaning up coastal areas, the programme not only highlights the vital importance of marine resources but also seeks to instigate sustainable practices that can boost tourism and promote the blue economy in the country, thus consolidating a national commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development. 402148699_197464316742086_5732758637982960876_n

During the launch ceremony, the Vice Prime Minister explained that this initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, aims to raise awareness among everyone that the sea is the country's great wealth.

He further stated that the Government will prioritise drawing up Timor-Leste's Blue Economy Policy to promote the nation's sustainable growth through the preservation, conservation and sustainable use of our marine resources, as well as the promotion of initiatives and programmes aimed at environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Several members of the Government, the Timor-Leste Tourism Authority, development partners, students and other community members attended the ceremony.