Our Lady of Aitara, a possible destination for international pilgrimage

Tue. 08 of June of 2010, 22:22h

In his trip to the Soibada Sub-district, Manatuto District, as part of the public consultation on the National Strategic Development Plan, the Prime Minister considered that “Our Lady of Aitara can become a destination of international peregrination, but to attract foreigner tourists, good roads, electricity, drinking water, communication networks, health and education installations are needed”.

This was the answer of the Head of Government to the brief report presented by the Soibada Sub-district administrator, Francisco da Costa, about the local conditions. Besides the many difficulties that were pointed out, the administrator guaranteed that the population maintains a harmonious life and expressed his gratitude in relation to some programs and projects that have already taken place in the Sub-district since 2008, such as the PDL program, road rehabilitation, public sanitation, piping potable water, installation of electric lines in the Aitara area, supply of generators, among others.

In this visit, the Prime Minister was accompanied by the Vice-Minister of Infra-structures, José Manuel Carrascalão, by the Secretary of State of Security, Francisco Guterres and by the General-Director of the Ministry of Finance, Francisco Borlaco.

At the end of this 33rd public consultation about the NSDP, that took place on the 24th of May, the Prime Minister, accompanied by the Soibada population, went to the location where the Bua Rahun riverside bridge is going to be constructed.