Ministry of Health registers a new case of COVID-19 and appeals to the population to remain calm and to continue with the preventive measures

Tue. 04 of August of 2020, 16:25h

The Vice-General-Coordinator, Narciso Fernandes, announced today, August 4th, 2020, the registration of a new COVID-19 infection case.

This is the first COVID-19 case in the country since May 15th, 2020, making a total of 25 patients infected, of which, 24 have already recovered from the disease.

Narciso Fernandes explained that this new case is a foreign citizen, who entered Timor-Leste, through the land border, and was in quarantine, in Tacitolu, Dili.

The patient travelled by plane, on July 21st, from Central Java to Kupang, and from there, travelled by car, on July 22nd, to the border with Timor-Leste, with four passengers and a driver. At the border, they were part of a 105 people group who entered the country legally, and 6, who entered illegally, and all of them were transported to the quarantine facilities in Tacitolu. On the July 30th, a COVID-19 test was carried out to all of them, and today was confirmed one positive result. The patient is now in isolation, at the Vera-Cruz Clinic.

The Vice-General-Coordinator also informed that, so far, have been made 4244 tests, of which 4186 were negative, 25 were positive and 33 are still awaiting the results. At the moment, 256 are in quarantine at the State's facilities and 144 in auto quarantine.

With the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak, worldwide, the Ministry of Health appeals to the population to remain calm and to continue with the COVID-19 prevention measures.



✅ Wash your hands frequently

✅ Cough and sneeze into your bent elbow - not your hands!

✅ Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth

✅ Avoid crowds

✅ Avoid close contact with sick people

✅ Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces frequently