Ministry of Finance distributes the fiscal limit of the General State Budget for 2019

Tue. 25 of September of 2018, 21:47h

The Ministry of Finance held a working session with Directors General, and Directors of Administration and Finance, focal points for the budget planning of State Institutions, on September 25 in the auditorium of the Ministry of Finance.

The purpose of this working session was to disseminate the processes and procedures for the preparation of 2019 State Budget (OGE) and to distribute the desegregated fiscal limit ceiling to all ministries, autonomous fund services and other State institutions. The fiscal limit assignation follows the approval, at the Council of Ministers' meeting on 21 September, of the aggregate fiscal limit of USD 1.35 billion (excluding loans) to finance state expenditure during the year 2019.

The total amount of estimated expenses is divided into the following categories and amounts: US $ 199.57 million for salaries and salaries; $ 305.2 million for goods and services (including the Human Capital Development Fund); US $ 622.36 million for public transfers; US $ 4 million in Minor Capital; US $ 218.87 million in Development Capital;

The priorities for the year 2019 were also defined, namely to increase agricultural production to strengthen food security and reduce malnutrition; promote quality, market-oriented inclusive education and training; strengthen the health service with quality and inclusion; develop basic infrastructure for drinking water and sanitation, roads (national and rural), electricity, telecommunications (fiber optics), port and airports; strengthen institutions and promote administrative decentralization; promote the development of the tourism industry and promote a healthy business environment in order to develop private sector investment.

All ministerial lines, autonomous fund services, municipal authorities and all State institutions, in accordance with the timetable agreed at the Council of Ministers meeting, will submit their budget proposals together with the annual action plan to the Ministry of Finance and the Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (UPMA) of the Office of the Prime Minister by October 12, 2018, for an in-depth analysis of the programs and expenditures of each government body.

To ensure alignment between budget, program and national priorities, the Government will establish a policy review committee to discuss the fundamentals of budget proposals and program for the key sectors, to promote the rationale and quality of the 2019 Budget.