Program of the Eight Constitutional Government approved in the National Parliament

Fri. 27 of July of 2018, 21:45h

The National Parliament ended today, July 27, 2018, the appreciation of the Program that will guide the activities of the Eight Constitutional Government during the next five years.

During the three days of debate of the program, the Members of Parliament presented their doubts, suggestions and requests for clarification to the Government and voted down the Motion of Rejection presented by the opposition, with 36 votes against, four abstentions and 25 votes in favor.

Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak assured MPs that he would "take their concerns and suggestions into account", thus ensuring "a Governance action closer and politically more inclusive of the National Parliament's guidelines."

During the closing speech, the Prime Minister also stressed that "the debate of the Government Program showed that despite differences of opinion and political ideology, all Parliamentary Groups are committed to making Timor-Leste a country that is increasingly fair, inclusive, prosperous and developed."

The Government Program now approved, summarizes the main public policies to be adopted to reinforce and optimize the sectors of governance and their resources, shortening the path to transform the 2030 vision into reality and is based on five key sectors for the future of the country:

  • In the sector of ​​social capital development, the program presents a package of measures to maximize its potential, promoting inclusion, empowerment, qualification and health;
  • In the sector of ​​Infrastructure development, considered crucial for economic and social development, the Government intends to implement a quality infrastructural network, guaranteeing a good cost-benefit ratio and thus sustain productivity, job creation and development of the private sector;
  • In the sector of ​​economic development, the program presents measures for its modernization and diversification, boosting the productive sectors around three essential industries - agriculture, tourism and oil - with measures that stimulate creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, enabling increased income opportunities, improved productivity, the ability to generate wealth and the creation of new markets;
  • In the area of ​​Governance Consolidation, the Government proposes to continue investing in strategic planning for a modern and diversified economy, with the goal of creating 60,000 new jobs per year, reducing poverty by 10% and average growth of the economy above 7%, increasing the contribution of the private and productive sectors, and making feasible the fiscal sustainability.
  • In the area of ​​Good Governance and Anti-Corruption, the program proposes to implement mechanisms for evaluation, performance and promotion of the principles of transparency, accountability, integrity and leadership, in order to increase confidence in governance and increase public sector competence and efficiency.

The Prime Minister concluded his closing statement by stating that this is "a program of Government for all East Timorese in favor of a strong, rich and secure Timor-Leste" and reiterated its commitment to involve "all, be it at the political, or at the level of civil society organizations in the implementation of the program".

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To read the speech of the Prime Minister closing the presentation of the program click here.