Prime Minister travels to Switzerland to participate in World Economic Forum

Tue. 16 of January of 2024, 11:41h

The 54th edition of the World Economic Forum will focus on fundamental issues affecting the constantly changing world, from security crises to climate change and artificial intelligence. In the face of eroding trust, the creation of more robust dialogue platforms, strong partnerships, agile political frameworks, and effective implementation of technologies are necessary to achieve practical and implementable gains for societies, both in the short and long term. 418515547_231996326623370_6892339770599820669_n

Under the theme "Rebuilding Trust," the event will facilitate open dialogue among countries and stakeholders, bringing together government, business, and civil society leaders to seek solutions to global challenges. With the participation of over 100 governments, international organizations, partner companies, and civil society leaders, the program will address four interconnected thematic priorities: global security and cooperation, economic growth and employment, artificial intelligence, and long-term strategy for climate, nature, and energy. The crucial issue of what kind of leadership is needed in this complex and ever-changing environment will also be addressed, permeating all the work and discussions.

In addition to activities at the World Economic Forum, the Prime Minister will have meetings with world leaders to discuss and strengthen bilateral cooperation.

The Head of Government will be accompanied during the trip to Switzerland by a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, with his return to Timor-Leste scheduled for January 20, 2024.