SoSPTEP and INDMO accredit SENAI for general civil construction works

On September 19, the Secretariat of State for Professional Training and Employment Policy, (SoSPTEP) and the National Institute for Manpower (INDMO), attributed a level I and II accreditation for general civil ​​construction works, to the National Centre for Professional Training – SENAI, in Becora.

The Secretary of State for Professional Training and Employment Policy, Ilídio Ximenes da Costa, said: “SENAI is one of 15 accredited centres, however, regarding to the area of civil construction, it now receives its accreditation. It is important that this fact is disclosed so that in the future, the public knows that the Centre can train qualified professionals in various fields such as masons and plumbers. “

The Director of INDMO, Isabel Fernandes de Lima explained that the National Institute of Manpower is the Institute   responsible for the accreditation of all Training Centres in Timor-Leste: “so far, we have accredited the 15 centres spread across our national territory, in various fields. “

Isabel Fernandes de Lima also added, “the accreditation is aimed at providing the Centre with the qualifications to meet the needs of the industry and prepare graduates, to compete internationally, especially in the Asia Pacific region.”

SENAI offers training courses in general civil construction works which encompasses carpentry, plumbing, electricity and masonry.