The population of Hatubuiliku appreciated the NSDP

Xanana Gusmão was welcomed with the Hatubuiliku cultural rituals. In the welcoming ceremony, the population offered the Prime Minister a horse ornamented with a Belak (ornamental disc), according to the locality tradition. With this particular reception, among applause and the tebedai (traditional dance) rhythm, the Prime Minister is carried onto the stage to initiate the consultation on the NSDP.

The ancients served the Head of Government with betel leaves. This symbolic gesture can be interpreted as an attempt to involve all, “avoiding the creation of divergence because we are tired of searching for hideouts, of living in uncertainty and experience distress. We want, with all the population of Hatubuiliku, to opt for Peace

The Hatubuiliku sub-district Administrator talked about the sub-district as being Timor-Leste’s umbilical centre that oversees the sacred elevations of Ramelau and Kablaki.

Hatubuiliku is a region of lower temperature, with the integration of three sucos: the Mulo, Nuno Mogue and Mausiga, subdivided in 21 villages and with a population of around 12.000 people”, referred the Administrator. “The bigger difficulty faced by the population consists of road conditions, the communication network, the viability for the training of youth and electrical power”, he added.

The Administrator also said that “the Hatubuiliku sub-district receives many tourist visitors, each weekend groups of tourists mark their presence here and say that if they didn’t pass through the Ramelau, their visit to Timor-Leste would be insignificant. I take the occasion to remind the Prime Minister that, after freeing the Nation, we have to free our People”.

In his speech the Prime Minister mentioned the struggle defended by the People against the power of a big Nation such as Indonesia, but said that nowadays a bigger enemy exists that is threatening the People’s wellbeing. He reiterated the fact that is the State’s responsibility to look after society’s life and for that the National Strategic Plan intends to provide basic infra-structure reparation such as roads, bridges, drinking water, electricity, barriers, agriculture, airports and ports, on the short, medium and long term.

As part of the Head of State’s delegation was the Secretary of State of Livestock, Valentino Varela, the General Director of Finance from the Minister of Finance, Francisco Soares, the Ainaro district Administrator, Manuel Pereira and all of the Díli delegation. The Daetrema riverside was the concentration point of the visitors received by the Hatubuiliku sub-districtor Administrator, last Monday, May 17.