The General State Budget for 2021 begins today to be executed

The Government Decree 1/2021, of January 8th, which establishes the rules for the execution of the 2021 General State Budget (GSB), approved by Law 14/2020, of December 29th, was published last Friday, allowing the execution to begin today, January 11th, 2021.

This Government Decree applies to the Central Administration bodies and service’s budget, to the Special Administrative Region of Oekuse Ambeno (RAEOA)’s budget and to the Social Security’s budget, and aims to ensure an effective and rigorous budgetary control and, simultaneously, aims at simplify the procedures for budget execution, continuing the changes initiated in 2020, with the objective of facilitate  the 2021 General State Budget’s execution by the bodies and services of the Public Administrative sector.

Amongst the main changes when comparing to the Government Decree that defined the rules for the 2020 GSB implementation, the following points stand out: