SECOMS launches program “Naroman Ba suku” in the Suco Liurai, in Aileu

The Secretariat of State for Social Communication (SECOMS), through the National Directorate for Information Dissemination (DNDI), launched the second phase of the “Naroman  ba  suku” (Light for Suco), an activity of the program “Government Among the People”, in the Quiri-Lelo village, at Suco Liurai, in the municipality of Aileu, on September 27, 2019.

The “Naroman ba suku” programs seeks to bring information to the local level, to the suco communities, allowing them to present the concerns or obstacles they face, by presenting them in the national media, in order to give them greater visibility.IMG 4173 300x200 SECOMS launches program Naroman  Ba  suku in the Suco Liurai, in Aileu

According to the Secretary of State for Social Communication, Merício  Juvinal  dos Reis ‘Akara’, “this program was created to bring Government and the community closer together, to broaden the communication so as to transmit regular information to the population of the whole territory”, while also allowing a opportunity to hear directly from the people their concerns and the challenges they face”.

“To the extent that access to information is a right of all citizens, there can be no difference between the information that reaches the community that lives in Dili and the one that reaches the rural areas”, so the “government plans to improve all available means so that there is no loss information, and, as such, the program ‘Government among the people ‘ must continue to exist”, added Merício  Akara.

On the same occasion, the administrator of the municipality of Aileu, João Tilman  do Rego, said that “through the program ‘Government among the people – naroman  ba  suku‘, the population of Aileu can make their voice heard by Government, especially their needs in relation to development in all sectors in its municipality”. “The Eight Constitutional Government strives to bring benefits to the entire population through the various programs established at the municipal level, administrative post, suco and village levels”.

On the same occasion, the head of Suco Liurai, Eli Dias Gomes, said, as leader of this suco, that he felt “proud with the ‘Government among the people- naroman  ba  suku‘ program, because through it, it was possible to bring the Municipal authority and the central government to our suco to speak directly with our community”.

António Nunes, professor and Elder (Lia  Na ‘ in) in this locality, said “to feel joy with the program ‘naroman  ba  suku’ because through this program we feel the presence of the rulers, who come to hear, directly from the people, the concerns they face”.

The launch of the program ‘Naroman ba suku’ in the Liurai juice, was attended by Members of the Government, the National Parliament, the Ombudsman for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ), national directors, the technical team of SECOMS, local authority and communities.