Parliamentary Elections for 2017

2nd of May – Decree of the President of the Republic setting the date for Parliamentary Elections, and publication in the Official Gazette;

Up to the 22nd of May – Establishment of Party Coalitions;

23rd and 24th of May – Technical Secretariat for Electoral Administration (STAE) receives notification of the Court of Appeal regarding the list of party coalitions and publishes in the Official Gazette;

3rd of May to 1st of June – Submission of the Party Candidacies to the Court of Appeal;

8th to 12th of June – Information Program on the elections for Timorese Communities living abroad;

25th of May to 1st of June – Training Campaigns at STAE and to communities, regarding the electoral process;

Up to the 7th of June – Deadline to obtain a duplicate of the Voter Card;

Up to 12th of June – Deadline for presenting the candidate list for National Parliament;

13th to 22nd of June – Approval of the ballot paper;

15th of June – draw to establish the order the candidates will appear on the ballot paper;

20th of June to 19th of July – Electoral Campaign;

10th to 20th of July – Placing of labels on Voter Cards indicating the voting centre where the right to vote must be carried out;

Up to the 14th of July – Allocation of credentials to observers and journalists;

19th to 20th of July – Evaluation and socialization of the transmission and result aggregation system to party representatives and to the National Elections Commission (NEC);

21st of July – Distribution of electoral materials throughout the country’s voting centres (municipalities and Special Administrative Region of Oe-cusse Ambeno (SAROA);

22nd of July – from 7:00AM to 3:00PM, voting period; and after, beginning of vote count and tabulation of results at the voting centres;

22nd to 24th of July – Tabulation of results at the municipalities and SAROA;

24th to 27th of July – National Tabulation of results at the municipalities and SAROA;

27th to 30th of July – Minutes of the provisional tabulation of electoral results and posting at the NEC headquarters;

Up to the 1st of August – Deadline for submission of appeal to the Court of Appeal, regarding the operations for national tabulation of electoral results;

2nd of August – Submission of the minutes of the electoral results tabulation to the Court of Appeal (in case no appeals have been submitted);

Up to the 3rd of August – Decision of the Court of Appeal on the Resources that have been presented;

5th or 6th of August – Decision from the Court of Appeal on the validity of the electoral process and announcement of the final results;

7th of August – Publication of the Court of Appeal judgement in the Official Gazette;

More information available at the STAE website (